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VAN Trainings

VAN is powerful and comparatively easy to learn, but jumping in head first can be pretty intimidating. A Data Diva training will show you some of the basic functions you need to run a campaign. Trainings are done with Google Hangouts, so you don't need to install special software, you can have multiple people on one training, and I can watch you practice the skills you just learned. If you are more of a visual learner, I also have training documents you can use to support your newly acquired knowledge. I have trained hundreds of people over the years, and you will come out with the confidence that you can use VAN's powerful technology to make sure your field program is as efficient as possible.


Topics will include:

The basic functions of VAN

How to get it data out and back in again

Basic advice on targeting

Saving lists and managing folders

Cutting Turf

Several methods of data entry



Using Scripts

Making events

Scheduling volunteers

Tracking when volunteers show up

And much more...

Logging in using a PIN

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