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In 2004 I graduated from college, packed up my car, and drove across the country to knock doors for John Kerry as an intern for the League of Conservation Voters.  It took a couple weeks to get over my natural shyness, but I soon fell in love with talking with voters and motivating volunteers.  I spent the next 6 years moving from campaign to campaign organizing volunteers, planning events, even doing some finance and communications.


In 2010 I was promoted from the Field department to Data Director because of my expertise with VAN.  I fell in love with the problem solving and teaching aspects of the job, and switched departments permanently. I have now been the VAN admin for the Democratic State Parties of Vermont, Colorado, and Pennsylvania, as well as a non-profit in Texas, and a union in Queensland Australia.  I've also done data work for a couple of LQBTQ projects in Missouri and Massachusetts, and a congressional race in California.


In 9th grade I was working on my geometry homework when the guy sitting next to me pointed out we were doing the same worksheet.  I understood it better than him, so I helped him out.  Soon I tutoring many of the school's learning disabled students in math and science, freeing up the Special Ed staff to give more attention to the other kids.  In college I had a summer job teaching reading, after college I was a substitute teacher and volunteer at the local Boys & Girls club. In between campaigns I have tutored math from basic counting up to Algebra 2 and SAT math, I've worked in an inner city math classroom,  as a special ed aide, and as a private Excel tutor and consultant.


In 2016 I was the Deputy Data Director in Pennsylvania, training approximately 400 Field Organizers in how to use VAN and the importance of data.  I gave webinars on a regular basis, and 4 times a week had open office hours online so anyone could come ask questions. At every data job I have held I've patiently taught my coworkers and volunteers the skills to make their job easier.



"Nancy is a solid trainer and a technically savvy and articulate data base manager. I would hire her again due to her experience and ability to creatively solve problems that she has never seen before. She has the strongest excel skills that I have ever seen bar none."

Neal Hussein, Data Director, Colorado Cordinated Campaign 2014

Nancy's VAN guides were extremely accessible and very clear. They included graphics pertinent to the skills being taught and offered multiple ways of completing tasks to suit different users preferences. Nancy was always super personable during webinars and made time to give tailored responses to organizer's individual concerns. 

Anon Field Organizer, South Philadelphia, 2016

Adam White, Regional Organizing Director for Central PA, Clinton Campaign 2016

Nancy was and still is a very thorough and patient instructor when it comes to teaching even the novice about VAN. On several occasions I had to consult her on maneuvering around VAN, which she made  look so easy to do. She was very patient amidst my panic and fast pace times using VAN. She took the time to sit in person or chat room with organizers individually and walked us through the tideous at times- process. For someone like me who got frustrated at times and 'lost in VAN', Nancy came to the rescue and made VAN 'a charm program' to work with. You couldn't ask for a better person to provide or teach VAN services. That's why we called her the Datadiva!!

Suzette Davis, HFA Organizer

Nancy did a phenomenal job training our staff in Pennsylvania during the 2016 presidential

cycle. Our staff was able to access her at any time, for any reason, and because of that

everyone was learning the ins and outs of VAN. She really cared, and she really knows her


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